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Odor Liquidator: But, does it actually work?

Here is a quote from a company executive who was responsible for the evaluation of Odor Liquidator for use in dozens of cities: "We tested your product in 6 locations throughout the country, with each RVP [Regional Vice President] selecting locations that daily or frequently deal with the situations Odor Liquidator is designed to tackle.  All locations reported that the product worked."

Much can be said about Odor Liquidator's guaranteed odor-destroying capability, its ease-of-use and its safety features.  Before we consider these product attributes, let's set the stage by reviewing some important facts and background information.

What About Odor Liquidator's Track Record?  Odor Liquidator is used from Hawaii to Denmark.  In Hawaii, the U.S. Navy eliminates the unpleasant odors of mold, mildew, smoke and household pets in base housing.  In the northwest, a 40-year veteran of the professional cleaning industry uses Odor Liquidator to liquidate fire damage smoke odor, as well as commercial and residential odors created by food spills, water damage, smoking, and dog and cat urine.  Odor Liquidator is used by many property managers in HUD, FHA, and state finance agency's housing for low-income families, elderly persons and/or persons with disabilities, to eradicate residential odors.  Odor Liquidator is used by municipalities to permanently clear the odors caused by homeless defecation and urination on public property.

How Odor Liquidator is Used...

In the Southeast, Odor Liquidator kills unwanted odors in vintage passenger cars, limousines, taxis, and farm/ranch pickups.  In Texas, Odor Liquidator destroys noxious odors from an agricultural chemical manufacturing plant, and warehouses storing foul-smelling pesticides.

In Florida, Odor Liquidator destroys the horrific organic decomposition odors emitted by animal rendering plants.

Odor Liquidator is the odor control agent that eradicates pet odor in "Scoop Lite™" and "Scoop Lite Plus™" cat litter and "Pet Odor Control Liquid™" odor eliminator (as seen on TV).  In Denmark, Canada, and the US, Odor Liquidator permanently does away with the smells produced in chemical manufacturing, storage, and shipping. Odor Liquidator performs so well, the General Services Administration (GSA) has issued solicitations to warehouse Odor Liquidator for all branches of the United States government, and for the military.